Jaybird’s Family Restaurant

About Us!

Jaybird started in the restaurant business at age 13 clean up boy for Waffle House stayed with that company fifteen years-rose up thru the system to run several locations. After working in the company stores opened a family restaurant in Hendersonville, Tennessee 2005 learned to cook from some great grandma’s- especially his maw-maw gray with he watched his grandmother make since he was a baby adulthood.

His signature catfish came after many trail and errors but one day it came together Colonel Sanders figured out the chicken, but Jaybird discovered that catfish with his own blend of spices.

Jaybird reopened an old favorite of many Brantley’s Catfish on hwy 49 west in Ashland city, historical built in the 40’s knotty pine walls, Formica table tops has been there since 2007 expanded a second location in downtown Ashland city in 2010, son Keith Adkins daughter Jade and Kim Light work to run both restaurants-Jaybird’s dad J.J. Light retired from the TN. Highway Patrol, Jaybird used to be a Waffle House man during the day and a deputy dog at night for several years in Putnam County, Jaybirds welcomes many organizations-being a Mason invites all Masonic brothers and police officials to visit and receiver discounted pricing.

Baseball, soccer and football players can bring their families for 10% off if their children are in uniform.





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